Why the Riviera Maya is the Best Place to Vacation and Invest? -

Why the Riviera Maya is the Best Place to Vacation and Invest?


Researching the ideal vacation destination can be challenging when considering transportation, budget, location, and safety. But when a location checks all the boxes on your ‘perfect vacation’ list, it’s worth taking the opportunity to visit and even consider investing in the area before everyone else discovers it as well..

According to Forbes magazine, cities like New York, Istanbul, and Barcelona are among the best places to vacation. However, Quintana Roo, Mexico, leads the list due to its spectacular Caribbean weather and it’s many natural attractions.

What other elements make this area a ‘diamond in the rough’ with great investment opportunities? Grupo Miraro Land Developers, shares 5 compelling reasons with us.

  • You can visit ‘underground chambers’ called Cenotes

Natural wonders abound around the globe. But in Quintana Roo, visitors can discover caves filled with low-hanging stalactites, also known as “Cenotes”. There are about 8,000 around the Yucatan Peninsula in areas such as Puerto Morelos, and they are easily accessible by car or bicycle… This is an experience that should go on your bucket list!

  • Enjoy the stunning turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea

The Riviera Maya has a lot to offer: rich culture, ancient archeological sites, and breathtaking nature. But the crown jewel of this region is the Caribbean Sea. Soft, white sand beaches meet an unreal shade of turquoise blue sea, creating a contrast you won’t soon forget. Its crystal clear waters allow you to observe dozens of varieties of brightly colored tropical fish when scuba diving or snorkeling.

  • There is exponential growth worldwide

Projects such as the Mayan Train or the “AmikooPark” (which will be the largest theme park in Latin America) generate income through employment in the flourishing tourism industry. This will add to the value generated by the state at a world level.

  • Enjoy a high return on investment

 Thanks to the high demand for accommodation and property appreciation, destinations such as Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and Bacalar offer investors a final ROI of 5.6% of the amount invested.

  • The value of the property is steadily increasing

Another benefit of investing in this area is that, regardless of the passage of time, the value of the property grows by up to 15 percent (thus obtaining a strong future projection). In addition, investing in the Riviera Maya allows investors to earn in dollars. This is reflected through the international investments generated by the creation of new public services.

What are you waiting for? Visit this amazing paradise and become an investor in one of the top vacation spots in the world in just a few steps.

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