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About Us

Lotus started as four people project with the same vision and the same goal. Today we are more than 25 coworkers and we are sure that this number will keep growing.

Together we will become a referent in the Real Estate Business as the best place to develop skills, work and make dreams and goals come true.


To become the top of mind when it comes to real estate investments.


To create extraordinary experiences every time.

Live a New Real Estate Experience!

As a founding partner, I take pride in being part of such a dynamic and cutting-edge work team. I have been living in Playa since 2010, which has allowed me to fully understand the characteristics of the market, the potential for growth, and the vision to detect the best investment opportunities. Your heritage is my priority.

My core career was in the hotel industry for 10 years where I also had international experience in the Bahamas and Canada. My main objective is to be able to offer an exceptional service level in the Real Estate industry which nowadays is very difficult to get especially when the market in the Riviera has a high demand.

Our group has redefined the real estate business, modernizing and promoting the industry through the promotion of a teamwork culture, ensuring our clients a better representation and a real competitive advantage.

I know how important it is to feel confident with your real estate agent and therefore, every day we strive to offer a 360 service, hand in hand with our business partners, we will guide you through each of the topics related to your transactions: contracts, taxes, closing costs, deed, vacation rental, and property management.

Our Alliences

Secure Title Latin América, Legal Services

Veritas Leg, Legal Services

Notaria 42, Notary Services

Mi Crédito Hipotecario, Mexican Bank

CreditProperty and Home Insurance

HIR Casa, Mortgage Credits

Deliver Capital, Financial Advice to Foreigners

Our Services

Real Estate Services

Developers Consultation

Digital Marketing

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