Tulum, In The Sights Of Investors -

Tulum, In The Sights Of Investors


Tulum is a town in the sights of many investors who are aware of the urban potential of this paradise in the Riviera Maya, which is why it is one of the 7 best cities to live in Mexico.

The main attraction of Tulum is that it is a city with great respect for nature and sustainable architecture, without losing the comforts and availability of services that characterize a metropolis.

As it is a primary tourist area, the municipality’s main communication route is Federal Highway 307, which runs parallel to the coast in a north-south direction, from Cancun to Chetumal for 366 kilometers, completely covering the so-called Riviera Maya.

Due to the significant tourism and real estate growth in Tulum, investment in urban infrastructure was a pending issue for years in the area.

On March 31, 2021, the state government inaugurated the first of nine 4.2-kilometer road connectors that will link Kukulkán Avenue and the coastal area, a work that will contribute to improving mobility, economy, and quality of life for workers, visitors, and businessmen.

As of this date, each of the remaining 8 sections will be inaugurated every 15 days, as part of the new Municipal Program for Territorial, Ecological and Sustainable Urban Development of Tulum.

This project permanently involves efforts and actions for the rescue of flora and fauna; one of our greatest riches. Take care of nature to live it.

This vision drives investment in infrastructure and real estate in the area, with a greater awareness of natural resources, leaving a habitable planet and abundant resources for the next generations.

Now more than ever, it becomes more important in the real estate sector, visualizing it as one of the best places for investment and real estate as of 2021.