Mahahual, The Next Top Investment Destination In The Costa Maya -

Mahahual, The Next Top Investment Destination In The Costa Maya


The top destination par excellence of the Costa Maya of Mexico is Mahahual; it offers a more relaxed beach environment, perfect for an idyllic vacation, snorkeling and diving experience. The population of 920 inhabitants has two distinctive neighborhoods: the old city and the new; both have much to offer more than on the beach. Old Mahahual has a quaint atmosphere, a beautiful community with small hotels and vacation homes, and a few beach clubs. There is a picturesque promenade with a pedestrian path that leads to the beach in the old town.

By contrast, the new section has a modern atmosphere with many urban settlements and a booming cruise culture. Most Mexico-bound cruises stop here so that customers can enjoy some local shops and restaurants. Several small souvenir shops and boutiques line the main north entrance to the city, where most cruise ships stop.

In recent years, Mahahual has wonderfully become a more refined beach destination for cruise ship tourists. During the high season, the new city remains crowded with mostly foreign tourists. The notable change in the city’s economy is due to the rise of cruise culture. And with so many real estate investment opportunities in Mexico, Mahahual is emerging as one of the top contenders on the list of popular destinations in Mexico for real estate investments.

Among the favorite tourist attractions of the city, which mainly include activities on the beach, the underwater diving tours to Banco Chinchorro, the second largest reef in the world and the number one largest in America, it features fascinating underwater coral formations that are home to a great selection of fish, flora and marine fauna. Surfing, swimming, and snorkeling are other tourist activities that most visitors to Mahahual enjoy.

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