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In Mexico, there are more than 20 million children who live in households that experience some type of poverty. Only 77% have access to a program of the educational system, while the remaining 23% do not have access to it.

Once inside the educational system, almost 45% of them abandon their studies in a secondary stage, because they do not have the appropriate study tools and because they must contribute to the family economy.

According to the 2020 National Occupation Employment Survey, 2.5 million children and teenagers between the ages of five and seventeen are working, only 0.5% of them will complete their basic education.

Education is the key so that our children and young people can improve themselves and achieve a prosperous future for themselves and their families.

At LOTUS RIVIERA MAYA, we want to sow the seed of education, to ensure that more children and teenagers return to their studies and have the tools to be qualified professionals, who can join the workforce with better jobs.

We want to be part of the transformation of Mexico and its young people, providing them with a space in which they are motivated and empowered to achieve their goals, meet their expectations, and improve their quality of life.

The program will start in September 2021 in Playa del Carmen and Tulum. And it is designed for girls, boys, and adolescents between 12 and 16 years old. Instilling fundamental values ​​such as responsibility, honesty, tolerance, courage, respect, humility, altruism, patience, prudence, and friendship. Helping them grow their self-confidence while learning about social responsibility and how they can impact and actively participate in their community.

It is in our hands to transform the lives of our young people, therefore we invite brokers, external agencies, and consultants from Lotus Riviera Maya, to be part of this great project, sponsoring one of our students.

Through sponsorship, we are helping to break down the barriers that prevent children and teenagers from completing their education, establishing a foundation for a future full of opportunities never imagined.

Participating is very simple, through our donation and exchange program:

-When you donate a used computer, it will be assigned to one of the program’s students to complete their studies within our classrooms *.

-To brokers, external agencies and consultants of Lotus Riviera Maya who donate a computer to the education program, we are offering the exchange program, in which they can renew their current work computer, for a completely new one **.

-Upon completing the program and receiving their certification, the student will receive a computer equipment for their personal use, encouraging them to continue with their studies and improvement project ***.

If you wish, you can also contribute through a private donation, where you sponsor a child with a computer. And if you are a professional in education, you can also donate support teaching materials.

We will constantly update you on the progress of our first-generation through monthly newsletters so we can share the joy of transforming Mexico.

Let’s sow the seeds of education together. Are you ready to be part of the change?

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